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Boerboel International is an international breeders association that is represented bij breeders, members and owners of one of the most spectacular breeds, originate in South Afrika.

We think it is very important the boerboel is not only judged by appearance,
Boerboel International judges the boerboel in appraisels all over the world at 3 points:
This makes a more complete picture of the dog and his quality.
Boerboel International is also busy making an even more complete data bank with data of DNA of the dogs.
Recently it is even an obligation to have the BIGGS (DNA) of the parents if you want to breed with the dogs, so we get better insight in the health of the breeding boerboels and security of the pedegree.
If you buy a pup by a breeder from Boerboel International you get one year membership for free, after this year you can decide to stay a member or not.

Now and then Boerboel international organizes activity's with or about the boerboel. And ofcourse there are regular organized appraisals.
We try to keep you informed at this page but you can also look at the website of Boerboel International or on facebook.
Appraisal 4 mei 2015 at Baruti Boerboels in Melissant
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